Member's Oath of Office


  • That I will faithfully, truly and impartially, to the best of my judgment, skill and ability, execute and perform the office of Member of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board and that I will observe and comply with the laws of Canada.
  • That as I execute and perform my duties of office, I will be mindful of the obligation of the people and Government of Canada to show just and due appreciation to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for their service to Canada.
  • That I will not ask, receive or accept any payment or reward, or promise of either in return for the exercise of my powers duties or functions, except my salary or what may be allowed me by law or an order of the Governor-in-Council.
  • That I will not disclose any matter or information that comes to my knowledge by reason of my employment, including personal information about any individual, unless the use or disclosure is permitted by the Privacy Act or the Access to Information Act or is otherwise permitted by law.
  • That I will not allow my personal interests or activities to conflict with the duties of my office.