Medical Resources

In hearing and deciding applications for review and appeal, Board members examine, interpret and evaluate medical evidence presented by applicants. Members are also required to assess the credibility of this evidence. The resources listed below help them in accomplishing these tasks.

Guidelines and Tables of Disabilities

In evaluating medical evidence, Board members consider tools created by Veterans Affairs Canada to guide decision-making for disability pension and disability award applications.

The Entitlement Eligibility Guidelines and Medical Guidelines are policies that are intended to help individuals prepare their applications for service-related disabilities and to guide decision-making.

The Tables of Disabilities are legislative instruments used to determine the extent or severity of service-related disabilities.

Discussion Papers

The Board commissions discussion papers to provide general information on medical issues. The papers are prepared by experts in the field selected by the Board and their aim is to present a balanced view of the current medical knowledge on a particular topic. They are not peer reviewed. They are updated regularly to keep up with evolving medical knowledge.

  • Orthopaedic Handbook

Medical sites